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About Appallicious

Appallicious is a Civic Startup that utilizes data to help government better serve its citizens. Appallicious is a leader in creating licensable data visualization products that are easily replicated for government and citizens, often in collaboration with the White House, FEMA, states, counties and city agencies. Our three core government products include a mCommerce platform for government (City & County of SF, Rec Park App- Mashable Top 7 Apps Every City Needs), Disaster Assessment and Assistance Dashboard (DAAD), and Neighborhood Score a mobile app that allows the user access to a block-by-block analysis of health and sustainability data , creating metrics for cities and non-profits to measure performance, and insurance companies to integrate into pricing algorithms. Our latest product, Apartment Facts (think Car Fax, but for Apartments), revolutionizes the rental market and will be released later this month.


Appallicious Products

Disaster Assessment and Assistance Dashboard (DAAD):

The Disaster Assessment and Assistance Dashboard (DAAD) uses open data to assess community resiliency and utilize open data to promote economic recovery in the wake of a disaster.


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Neighborhood Score: 

Neighborhood Score provides an overall health and sustainability score, block-by-block for every neighborhood in the City of San Francisco. Neighborhood Score identifies assets and hazards in the physical and social environments of any given urban area and compiles that data into a 100-point rating system for any street in San Francisco.

The app can be used to assess livability, identify success and failures in various communities, and most importantly, advocate for a healthier city on a street-by-street basis – empowering residents and elected officials.

Neighborhood Score uses local, state, federal, and private data sets to allow residents to see how their neighborhoods rank in terms of public safety, air quality, access to public transportation, and much more. Neighborhood Score can easily be replicated and licensed anywhere in the country, provided that cities have made their data accessible to the public and companies like Appallicious. The application is fully customizable for any city in the United States, and takes weeks, not months to create.

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Available on the App Store: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/neighborhood-score/id665515999?mt=8


Skipitt™ Platform

Appallicious has created a first-of-its-kind mobile commerce platform, which allows government and business to create and manage their own custom mobile apps — generating new revenue through ticketing, reservations, merchandising, permitting and more via mobile devices and the web.The Skipitt™ Platform is able to create custom mobile apps that are enriched with geo-location based information. The platform also enables government and business to generate revenue by leveraging existing customer bases and extending it via mobile.Appallicious is based in San Francisco, CA and is a Silicon Valley Innovation Summit A0250 to Watch Winner.

San Francisco Rec & Parks App:

Named by Mashable as one of 7 open data apps every city should have. The SF Rec and Parks App uses the Skipitt platform to provide San Francisco residents and visitors with the easiest, most comprehensive way to find points of interests (parks, playgrounds, museums, recreation centers), make picnic table reservations, and will allow for tickets for concerts, art exhibits, and other events to be purchased straight from a mobile device.

Developed by Appallicious in partnership with the San Francisco Recreation and Parks Department, the app has a simple and easy-to-use interface where users can search and filter through thousands of locations on a GPS enabled mobile map. The Rec and Parks App brings efficiency, transparency, and exposure, to the services and facilities maintained by the City and County of San Francisco for the public like never before.

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Code Enforcement and Assessment Dashboard (CEAD):

The Code Enforcement and Assessment Dashboard (CEAD) is a data visualization and reporting toolkit for government inspectors across all agencies. The CEAD collects and shows reports from all city department inspections and complaints pertaining to a property, providing inspectors with a more thorough understanding of the location.

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Open Data Movement:

Efforts to make government data easily accessible in San Francisco and across the country have helped spur the creation of companies like Appallicious, and mobile applications like Neighborhood Score and the SF Rec and Parks App. Open data makes it easier for citizens to access valuable information and actively participate in city policy. Open data is also helping cities and local governments save substantial amounts of money, spur job creation throughout the private sector and improving services for citizens.

San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee said when unveiling the Neighborhood Score application:

“Open data policies are a win-win for everyone involved, leading to more efficient government, greater transparency, and better communication between residents and City leaders. I encourage other mayors to learn more about how to make their cities more innovative and benefit from open data policies and partnerships with innovative companies like Appallicious.”

 Appallicious is proud to be a leader in the open data movement.